Van Gogh

Sister Moon by Jane Williams

Hemispheres apart—
we have been this way for years.
As I rise with the rising moon,
you sleep on
through oceans of dreaming,
losing and finding yourself
in the tidal push-pull
of your divided heart
at each equatorial point of yearning—
such a long way away …
But listen!
Today I saw this painting
and you were in it.
In the returning curl
of each wave, each cloud,
in the seaweed flowering purple,
your favorite color,
in the tiny white birds hovering over
the crown of the sun going down,
let’s say doves, for old times’ sake,
on the rippling path of water
that lead nowhere
but moved when you moved,
rested when you rested
and yes in the rising of the moon—
the same moon.


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