John Griffiths

Squatting by Robert Morgan

The men in rural places when
they stop to talk and visit will
not stand, for that would make it seem
they’re in a rush. Nor will they sit
on ground that might be cold or wet.
Instead they squat with dignity
on heels close to the ground and chat
for hours. And while they tell and answer,
or listen, hunkered out of wind,
they draw with sticks in dirt a map
to illustrate a story or
show evidence for argument.
They sketch out patterns, write on dirt
and doodle vague arithmetic,
who never will take up a pen
on page or slate or canvas. They
will absentmindedly make shapes
and figures of their reveries
and rub them out again complete
to give their art no status of
attention in the casual toss
of discourse, open forum of
community, out there on bare
familiar ground where generations
have squatted, called it ownership.

More art by John Griffiths here.
Recommended listening: Boss of Me – They Might Be Giants

Noisli  (Mix different sounds and create your perfect environment)


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