Joseph Lorusso1
From Kelly Schirmann’s ‘Boyfriend Mountain’ series

All night long I listen
to the cats howl out the window
from the church’s vacant field
You wake up briefly to ask
if they are fighting or having sex
What’s the difference
is the cheapest answer
at any hour, but I lay it gently
over the milk of your hair
What is that thing
you are doing with your fingers
I keep meaning to say
before it’s over
In that frizzing moment
of something actually happening
there are only four or five words
that come to your mind
I think of going back there
where the bridge splits
the county road in half
Buying a diesel truck
& divorcing my family
like I never could at fifteen
I’d like my body to go back
to being that pure 8 pm twilight it was
before I got why people move to Brooklyn
but I don’t want to watch us
fly over the plain lakes spilling
out across the country, leaving
a shadow, then leaving altogether
Things with great, hooping Indian names
Things no one sings songs for
More art by Joseph Lorusso here.
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