Karolina Koryl

People with Muddy Feet Were Dancing on this Table by Jenny Zhang

I am your friend. I go deeper into the forest.
I put a belt on. I make out with bandits to see if you care.
This is what it’s like in heaven. The animals cutting our hair.
When they dance it looks like they just want to feel something.
The happy happy bird!
We are human kites and we eat breakfast.
Can you fire the wind?
No. You cannot. You are just a person in California.
In the forest birds stop. They become broccoli. I can convince myself of anything.
And the wind ruined your face.
Everyone was disappointed and I was toothpaste.
Dear me. This is what fireworks look like.
A thing to complicate stars.
You love like a slow train coming to a stop.
A bird walks into a bar and lies down in the grass.
If I touch the bird and it is afraid.
If I touch the bird and it is afraid of everything.


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