Yvan Favre1

If, After I Die by Fernando Pessoa

“If, after I die, they should want to write my biography,
There’s nothing simpler.
I’ve just two dates – of my birth, and of my death.
In between the one thing and the other all the days are

I am easy to describe.
I lived like mad.
I loved things without any sentimentality.
I never had a desire I could not fulfill, because
I never went blind.
Even hearing was to me never more than an
accompaniment of seeing.
I understood that things are real and all different from
each other;
I understood it with the eyes, never with thinking.
To understand it with thinking would be to find them
all equal.

One day I felt sleepy like a child.
I closed my eyes and slept.
And by the way, I was only Nature poet.”


Vivid imagery by Veronika Gilková


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