Marija Tiurina
2 poems by Ellen Kennedy 

I have no ambitions
i don’t want to hate the president

i don’t want to go to harvard

i don’t want to win the pulitzer prize

i just want to sit in my bathtub

and think about relationships i will never have

with people i will never meet

and then go lay in my bed

with a magnifying glass

and count all the stitches in my sheets

until i fall asleep

and wake up

to repeat again.

How the government ruins lives (a love poem)

i want to squeeze lemons over your hands and then lick them

i want you to eat my hair

i want you to cough up little red hairballs

i want to gather up the hairballs into a pile

i want you to jump into the pile of hairballs like dead leaves in fall

i want us to staple the hairballs to the wall in the shape of a duck flying

i want to stare at the wall and cry

i want you to lick my bellybutton while looking up at me

i want my tears to fall on your forehead

i want you to staple my thighs and lick the blood

i want you to paint my face with your tongue

i want to run down the street wearing nothing but my rubber boots

i want to hug a mailbox

the mailbox will cry

the police will arrest me

the mailbox will cry

i will never see you again

More art by Marija Tiurina here.
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