Beth Conklin
Love is Like a Faucet by Yolanda Wisher
after Billie
These vitamin double ds
gonna put cows outta business.
these Sunday bests
if frozen would delight.
unpasteurized & untamed
they swing
in the hammock
of my torso.
they magnetize
my man’s hands.
like a Wonder Woman blast
or a web of thunder from
Storm’s wrist,
this cocktail
is nurturing napalm
manna dew, Pepto Bismol
for civilization.
you can’t outwit these
these nipples are
necrophilia’s enemy.
Coltrane couldn’t blow
these tumescent tubas.
these are gourds
that’ll make a shekere
make an eggplant
go pale.
these breasts
gonna put old Betsy
outta business
& send the men
with goats a-packin.
this love is like a faucet,
it turns on & on.
More art by Beth Conklin here.
Recommended listening: Wild Horses – Rolling Stones

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