Nicola Alessandrini

Sanyo by Dan Bailey 
on a saturday
i feel awesome and god-like
in front of the television
i am a huge fist leaning toward space
and toward the signal
i break television with my body
i break it and become it
dudes say why did you do that?
i say i am television now
look at me now
i open my shirt and my chest
my heart is pumping
in the top of the screen
like a network logo
i say do you want the news?
they say we want something funny
i wet my finger with my blood and write
dirty words on their foreheads
and it’s funny – it makes life better
then they say we want animal planet
and i point to my stomach
i open it and point
i say this was a cow
do you love it?
dudes nod
we love it they say
they say you are a small glowing god
what is life without you?
it is still life i say
it is small and it still glows
then i play a commercial
for a stain remover
starring the inside of me
as the thing that stains

More art by Nicola Alessandrinin here.
Recommended listening: Hot Dreams – Timber Timbre 

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