Ani Castillo

Dear One by Jenny Bitner 

I am not supposed to miss you,
missing having to do with a concept

of presence and absence
that we are not trafficking in—

not being present
in the moment, a crime

which one could accuse
me of with hatpins in my eyes.

But more seductively, in the hope
of pulling you in, and there to form a space

outside of spaces, I would argue it is longing
and not missing that I feel.

Longing is a sweet word and means
even here, now, I am very

much present—oh yes there
is the taste of lemon and beer

in my mouth I am present with,
and the three girls, one kneeling,

looking into the display case at
the pastries in the cafe. They shake their heads

and go somewhere else. I am sorry that
the café could not please them.

A motorcycle helmet is in front of me,
and the man who goes with it

got nervous just now because I tried
to read the title of the book he was reading.

There, now I see it Love and Awakening,
That is something to hide. A man comes in

trying to sell a typewriter. Saying, Any students here?
I got a good typewriter here, a Westing.

All of this is proof that I am very much
here in the moment in this café.

And still I feel something tug on me
as I am pulled towards your absence.

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