David Szauder
Resignation #1 by Len Carber
When I was younger,
I dreamt of writing like Camus,
thinking like Sartre,
living like Hemingway, 
and all in God’s constant grace.
I thought I suffered India’s hunger
And America’s affluence,
but actually, 
I was carefree– and careless.
Now, though still a young man
(31 is an odd age, but safe)
I want less, much less:
fame, fortune, knowledge, passion,
even hope….
If the world is indeed doomed,
I will love it till its last day–
and if the world is blessed,
I will still love it till its last day.
If I cannot create like a giant,
then I will write with a smaller hand
and utter noises in a lower tone.
More art by David Szauder here.
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