Este Macleod1

Fast Enough by Andrea Mehaffie

He pulled my tooth that day.
It loosened on an apple
I picked from his tree.
With fingers hidden
under a damp washcloth,
he pulled it away.

He held it in his hand
as I ran my tongue through the space.
It felt known, though
I had never felt that part of me.

Make a wish, he said
because wishes were better
than quarters under pillows.

I wished to have more teeth to pull,
to see his face that close to mine.

I can still see it,
bark of a willow tree
melded into cheek and chin.
His eyes, scotch and water,
resting on my face.

I couldn’t help but love
the blood that flowed
from my mouth.
Warm and soft,
a river that only rushes.

Find more of Este MacLeod’s work here.

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